1990 – 2000+

The first owners of Finca Guila, Graham and Maureen Thompson, attended the third CBBA meeting on the 5th June 1990 as the clubs representatives and instructed the meeting on how to get to the green as there was an “Opening of the Green” event on June 10th 1990. They also entered a team in the Costa Blanca Winter League which would commence on the 21st November 1990.

The inaugural meeting of the CBBA took place on 24th March 1990 at Javea Green Bowls club.

All formed clubs representatives at that time attended the meeting. Benitachell B.C., Javea Green B.C., Bahia Vista B.C. (Javea), El Cid B.C., Paraiso Mar B.C., La Marina B.C. and San Miguel B.C.

On 27th August 1990 a Finca Guila club steering committee was formed consisting of Graham Thompson, Bernard Stebbens, Valerie Stebbens, Harry Murdin and Madge Murdin. At the meeting it was suggested that all the committee attended the next CBBA meeting. They also stated that from October 17th 1990 there would be club members afternoons from 1.00pm until 5.00pm on Wednesdays and Fridays. At this time a notice was posted for entrants names for the club competitions with the winners qualifying for the Champion of Champions.

The first Annual general Meeting of the club was held on 14th November 1990 and 14 club members attended. Voting took place and the following officers were elected:-

Chairperson — Barbara Pearce,  Secretary — Susan Cooper, Captain – Bernard Stebbens and Vice Captain Barbara Clarke. ( See later for more club officers over the years ). Unfortunately they were unable to elect a treasurer as there were no volunteers.

Two members of the committee were selected to be Finca Guila´s CBBA representatives and they were Bernard Stebbens and Susan Cooper.

Payment to the Management was discussed and yearly, 6 monthly and quarterly fees were suggested and would be considered.

The club competitions were held during September to find the Club Champions who would go forward to the newly formed Champion of Champions tournament at Benitachell on 10th November. The Club Champions for 1990-1991 were:-

Singles  – Arthur Jones

Pairs      – Valerie & Bernard Stebbens

Triples  –  Barbara & Alf Pearce & John Philpott.

In December 1990 negotiations took place with Ta Casa restaurant to set separate tables for each rink and guests for after game meals.

At a meeting on 14th October 1991 it was stated that there were 22 members in the club. The years league started with a game against La Marina.

November that year saw a friendly match arranged between a touring side consisting of Crown Green bowlers.

The owner organised the Benidorm pairs on consecutive Saturdays in November and club days were changed to Monday & Friday due to the Winter League playing on Wednesday.

Suggestion by the owners, at the AGM on 6th December 1991, to improve the green as another club was opening in Benidorm. At the same meeting Desmond Barber was thanked for arranging an excellent evening on the 5th December at Los Rubios Restaurant for the Clubs first “Annual” dinner, and all members echoed these sentiments.

In 1991 La Siesta B.C. and La Colina B.C. and in 1992 Princesa B.C. joined the CBBA.

At a CBBA meeting on the 20th October 1992 the retiring President stated that both Finca Guila and La Colina had during that year withdrawn from the Association through circumstances beyond their control.

In an informal Finca Guila meeting held on 30th November 1992  Bill Mills was asked to take the Chair and after a nomination Bill was voted President/Captain. As there were such a small number of members present it was agreed not to appoint any more committee members for the time being bar re-electing Dick Blott as Secretary.

By January 1993 the owners had laid a new surface and the club had rejoined the CBBA. The club was unable to hold CBBA events after an inspection by CBBA officers. At a CBBA meeting on 20th April 1993 it was stated by the President of the CBBA that Finca Guila playing surface was simply not good enough to hold the Champion of Champions.

It was stated that the owner paid 30,000 Pound Sterling on the carpet but was not going to spend any more to improve the base. At this time Finca Guila had 15 paid up members.

At the end of 1993 the Benidorm Pairs was once again arranged and was run on Saturdays with an entry of 20 teams.

Discussion took place regarding adopting a club badge. The decision was held over for the time being.

At a CBBA meeting on 8th April 1994 during a discussion when Finca Guila had finally been given the opportunity to hold the Champion of Champions it was stated that Graham Thompson, the owner, had sold the premises to Dirk Mastboom.

During the next 4 years the new owners attempted to improve the playing area and started to develop the tennis courts. The membership started to increase and many social events were enjoyed.

By September 1999 the new green was built and carpet laid in its present position.

A Clubhouse was purchased and slabs laid using loans from members.

In 1999 Maureen Towse and in 2002 Maureen Millward (Welch) won the Ladies Singles at the CBBA Champion Of Champions event.

In 2000 Maureen Millward, Tim Pilsbury, Ray Thorburn & Brian Welch won the Fours at the same event.

Finca Guila Northern League side of 2000-2001 won the Northern League and the North v South Playoff. The Captain was Barbara Clarke.

Officers of Finca Guila Bowls Club

YearPresidentChairmanClub Captain
1990-Barbara PearceBernard Stebbens
1991-Barbara PearceBernard Stebbens
1992Bill Mills-Bill Mills
1993Bill Mills-Bill Mills
1994 – 1995?---
1996/7Bill Mills-Ray Ebbs
1997/8Ray EbbsDick RussellBarbara Clarke
1998/9Ray EbbsDick RussellBarbara Clarke
1999/2000-Dick RussellRay Thorburn
2000/01John CourtDick RussellRay Thorburn
2001/02John CourtDean HartleyRay Thorburn
2002/03John CourtAlan BatesAlan Smith/Lucille Woods
2003/04John CourtAlan BatesLucille Woods
2004/05John CourtAlan BatesDerek Briggs
2005/06John CourtAlan Bates/ Brian WelchMike Rowlands
2006/07John CourtTony CummingsMike Rowlands
2007/08Roy UnderwoodTerry HartDerek Briggs
2008/09Roy UnderwoodTerry HartNo Nominations
2009/10Roy UnderwoodTerry HartDee Lane
2010/11Fred SimpsonTony CummingsDee Lane
2011/12Fred SimpsonTony CummingsTony James
2012/13Fred SimpsonTony CummingsTony James
2013/14Fred SimpsonTony CummingsNo Nominations
2014/15Fred SimpsonTony CummingsTony McCarthy
2015/16Fred SimpsonTony CummingsTony McCarthy
2016/17Fred SimpsonTony CummingsTony McCarthy
-Marcus Aurelius--
2017/18Marcus AureliusTony CummingsDee Lane